Five Easy Steps to Improve Your Security Guard Service

Property managers often have an idea of the security guard company they want, but what they actually get isn’t what they imagined. We have discovered that while most security guard companies can provide the service property managers need, they are often unable to do so due to a lack quality control.

A property manager may not hire security guards, but they are different from other vendors. You can check the walls to see if a painter is doing their job. How often do you check on a security company that you have hired to guard your property? This includes background checks, drug screenings, training your guards and monitoring your guards. They are likely to be performing their jobs in most cases, but it is crucial to establish a system for quality control and verification to make sure that these problems do not occur.

This article will outline five (5) simple steps that you can take to improve your security guard service.

Check your Guards Qualifications

Guards in many states must have certain training before they are allowed to start working as security guards. If you live in one of these states, make sure your bodyguard services London is compliant.

If guard certification is not required in your state, you should investigate the training provided by your security company to determine if it is adequate.

Also, does your security guard company conduct background and drug screenings of all guards before they are allowed to go on your property? They should provide you with verifications if they are. If they are not, why not?

A brief interview with the guard can help you determine if they are a good fit for your property. You can learn a lot from this initial conversation about the guard, and you have the opportunity to request another guard if necessary.

Guard Training

While most security guard companies provide a thorough orientation, which introduces every guard to the company, many guards are not provided with the same orientation for their assigned property. The orientation to the property is called “Site Specific Training”. Learn more about your site-specific training:

* Is it happening at your property?
* Who is responsible for the training?
* How long does each officer take to be trained?
* How long does the security firm double bank? Double banking refers to having a veteran and new guard simultaneously working.
* How thorough are your post orders explained

Find the answers to these questions and compare them with your own personal standards. To get a better understanding of the preparation that goes into having a security guard work on your property, you should attend your company’s orientation or your site-specific training.

Check the Supervision of Your Guard

Good security guard service requires good supervision. Poor supervision can lead to problems, mistakes, and complaints. The guards are also less likely to be taught and gain a better understanding of their duties if they don’t have supervision. Guards feel less valued and less important if they aren’t being monitored. Guards who don’t feel part of the team are more likely to be unprofessional, tardy, or even steal.